Original Sámi Music

The Ivnniiguin Story
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Guovdageaidnu, Sápmi, in 1977:

It all began in the classroom where the youth of Kautokeino/Guovdageaidnu used to come together to play music for fun. Sverre Hjelleset, a young teacher at the school, told one of the school kids, Nils Martin Kristensen (13), that he’d heard that he had drums, and asked if he knew how to play. Some time later Roger Ludvigsen (12), another school kid, climbed in through the window of the classroom and said he knew how to play the bass. Per Ailo Logje (25) and Heaika Hætta (21) had both been playing guitar for some time. Then came Iŋgor Ánte Áilo Gaup (17). He knew hundreds of yoiks, and most importantly, he had a newly composed song written by a cousin of his in Alta. The song was Ale gul čiero, and was the first ever song that the group (then by the name of Unicorn), performed in the Sámi language. This song later became their first big hit in Sápmi.

Their first ever concert was in Guovdageaidnu, in the
Plasthallen sports venue on Easter Saturday 1978. From then on the group, who later became known as Ivnniiguin, was heard in all of Sápmi. They played many concerts, among them Kararock -78, Davvi Šuvva festival in Sweden 1979, and Festspillene in Harstad 1979 and -80. They even tried to become the 'Best Rock Band of Norway' in 1980.

They also went to the NRK Sámi Radio studio several times, where they recorded well-known songs that all became big radio hits for many years to come. They also appeared in many TV shows and in 1979 they released the album 'Jávrráš Ivnniiguin'. More concerts followed until a
friendly break came in the summer of 1980.

Jávrrášriehppu, Behtolaš Ustit,
Áhčči muitaša, Eadnái and Miessemearkun were then among their biggest hits, all recorded anew on the album you are holding in your hands.

Ivnniiguin made a comeback in 1997 - where they first started out, as The Easter festival and the music scene in Guovdageaidnu once again became the foundation for their music. And now, many years later a new album was born – Ánte.

I came to Sapmi forty years ago
I had a guitar and played just for show
Hundreds of yoiks that Ailu knew
Inspired Ivnniiguin to break through
(sverre hjelleset)

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Guovdageaidnu, Sápmi, 1977:

Álggii Guovdageainnu skuvlla musihkkalanjas gos nuorat lávejedje
uojahit suohtas dihte.

Oahpaheaddji Sverre Hjelleset (25) jearai Nils Martin Kristensenis (13) jos sáhttá
uojahit rumbbuid.
Roger Ludvigsen (12) njuikestii lássaráigge sisa ja dajai son sáhttá bássa uojahit, Bier Áilo Logje (25) ja Heaika Hætta (21) uojaheigga gitárra.
Iŋgor Ántte Áilu Gaup (17), gii máhtti
uohtenáriid luđiid, de buvttii ođđa lávlaga – Ale gul iero.

Sin vuosttaš konsearta lei Guovdageainnu Plasthallas beassášlávvordaga 1978 ja joavku, mii áiggi mielde šattai Ivnniiguin, gullogođii Sámis.
Sii háliidedje
uojahit iežaset dahkkon sámegiel lávlagiid ja šuoŋaid.
Das maŋŋil sii
uojahedje olu doaluin numot Kararockas, Davvi Šuvas ja Hársttaid feastariemuin.

Sii fitne vel Sámerádio studios gos báddejedje lávlagiid mat šadde beakkánat ja gulloje olu rádios: Ale gul
iero, Jávrráš riehpu ja Miessemearkun.
Sii ledje maid TV prográmmain ja 1979:s sii almmuhedje LPa Jávrráš Ivnniiguin. Sii dolle vel eanet konsearttat dassážii go válde bottu 1980:s.

Ivnniiguin fas
uojahišgohte ovttas 1997:s ja sin álggabáiki, Guovdageainnu musihkkabiras ja beassášdoalut, gárttai ovtta láhkai vuođđun sin ođđasit gávnnadeapmái.

Ja nu riegádii ođđa skearru – Ánte.